Thursday, December 17, 2015


Remember when you used to make your Christmas list by laying on the living room floor with a notebook and the Sears Wish Book?  Probably not if you're under the age of thirty-five.  Long gone are those days where you had a finite amount of options to choose from and you knew you were never getting the GI Joe aircraft carrier.

Today things are a little different in the way a big-wheel is a little different from a F-22 Raptor fighter jet. is a 24/7 super catalog for kids of any age.  If I thought I wasn't getting the aircraft carrier on my list as a kid I guarantee you bet I won't get the $5,000 Minimoog keyboard.  How do you even make a list on Amazon when they have every conceivable toy you could ever want? 

I found it was easier to think about the little things rather than the big things.  You'd be surprised how many neat little things you can find that would be awesome to have.  Think of it.  Why ask for one two-hundred dollar present when you can ask for twenty ten-dollar presents?  You'd actually be surprised by what you get because you're not going to get them all.  Imagine that.

One year I was making my list and I was thinking about the the things that would be nice to have.  I was putting in a power supply or something and thought it would be great to have a new set of precision screwdrivers.  I put it them the list, got them for Christmas and they're awesome.  Sure it's not fancy but every time I use them, which is often, I remember how awesome it was to get them as a present. 

Imagine how many little things you would come across on a daily basis that would be neat if they had been gifts.  Think of all the big gifts you've gotten that collect dust now.  So if you're making a wishlist, look for some of those small things that it would be fun to have a special version of.  You'd be amazed how many common items have deluxe versions listed on Amazon. 

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