Saturday, December 19, 2015

Sale of the Year

It's coming and I hope you're ready.  The winter Steam sale is coming soon and that means amazing deals on games. It's that special time of year when your game collection rapidly expands with AAA titles, indie gems and titles you have never heard of before.  If you've saved up your pennies throughout your years you could very well double or even triple your games library.

If you're in a financial pickle then the Steam sale could be downright depressing.  Seeing all those amazing games for so cheap but unable to purchase any can drive you bonkers.  I know there have been years where I desperately wished for a little more fun money to pick up just a few more.

We live in one of the greatest times in PC gaming because we now have access to more games in history at their lowest prices ever.  We should all benefit from this so if you're flush with cash this year then spread the love.  I'm talking about checking your friends wishlists and giving the gift of gaming.

When you can get AAA titles for under $10 and classic games for under $5 then think about buying one or two for a friend.  It's the cheapest and most rewarding present you can give during the holidays.  The enjoyment of a good game is priceless.

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