Sunday, December 20, 2015

Morning Dad Time

If you think sleeping in is the best thing to do with your morning you're missing out.  As you get a older and care less about sleep you find getting up at six in the morning everyday has it's rewards.  There is a brief yet magical moment you find in those early hours where the house is quiet and everyone else is still asleep.  In this moment you can make coffee and load up your favorite game for a few undisturbed moments. 

This is dad gaming.  If you don't have kids than you're happily gaming whenever you choose but that all changes once miniature people start living in your house.  There's no Counter-Strike when a little person is attempting to tear apart your kitchen.  In those early hours you can run a few matches or complete a few levels in peace.  It's not much but it's actually really nice.  Since you're not doing eight hour marathon sessions anymore an hour every so often seems like a vacation. 

Unlike the evening when you're tired or finishing up chores, the morning is calm and you haven't yet burned away your energy stores for the day.  After a little warm-up you might find you're playing better than usual.  No distractions, no nagging thoughts on your brain from the day, just coffee and gaming.  Good times.

OR....if you're in a gaming slump you write blog posts and re-watch heist movies.  That's pretty good too.  Play on my friends.  Play on in the brief peace of the early morning and discover what getting up early can do for you.

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