Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Gaming Sick

One of the greatest things about being sick is staying home and playing video games.  The house is yours, responsibility has been thrown out the window and you can game with complete freedom.  However there is a downside.  You're sick.  It's a win-lose situation.

I prefer a slower paced game when I'm sick.  Civilization offers many opportunities to blow the nose or take a trip to the bathroom.  Any turn based strategy game is a good choice.  Shooters are tricky since cold medicine dulls the senses.  Basically anything with ample opportunities to pause without hindering your game is ideal.

So far the console has been the ideal sick gaming platform.  Big screen, wireless controller and the comfort of a couch.  Thankfully it's getting easier to do a comfortable couch setup for your PC these days.  Wireless controllers, HDMI ports on graphics cards and all that make for a more comfortable PC gaming experience.  Now with the Steam link it's even easier!  I hope.  I still haven't tried it out.  I want to though.

So load up some Skyrim, go adventuring and enjoy the blurry eyed sick gaming.  It's the best way to pass the time and get on the road to wellness.

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