Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Instant Universal Communication

So I got to thinking about instant universal communication.  It's damn near impossible but then I was considering the various possible shapes of the universe.  If the universe is spherical or curved then we can set a center point that will be equidistant to points on the curved outer area.  This center point can then be used as a focal point for communication signals from anywhere in the universe. 

What you would do is shoot a communication signal at this center point and keep it engaged at all times.  If you wanted to talk to someone else across the galaxy you would tune your communication beam to their beam and see what they have to say.  In essence everyone is always connected to everyone else through the galactic center point.

So it's not truly instant since there would still be a massive distance between each endpoint but the distance would always be constant between all people using the communication network.  In order to create a truly instant system you would have to create a crazy type of instant communication signal.

Communication methods we currently use are insufficient for this scenario.  We would need a beam that can transfer data without any lag.  This would rely on some new faster than light type of particle that could be used to transfer data. 

I'm a little tired and now I'm thinking about how to get full two way communication in the system since it wouldn't be point to point communication.  The two signals would meet at the center point but a relay would be needed.  So...maybe we tunnel a relay station to the center point that bounces signals back to their origin point allowing communication to actually work. 

We could also do all this with wormholes but ships would have to only use it when operating at sub-light speeds.  It would also need to be able to create a wormhole at will which could be difficult.  I need to go to sleep. 

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